Story Grid Universe
Written by Shawn Coyne

Put the Work Above All Else, and Trust the Process.

In this Story Grid Publishing manifesto, Shawn Coyne, the creator of Story Grid, tells a far-too-familiar fable about the state of publishing and where we can go together.

We believe that we find meaning in the pursuit of literary creations that last longer than we do. It is not a naive or ridiculous proposition. Dedicating ourselves to seizing opportunities and overcoming obstacles as we stretch our capacities to reach for seemingly unreachable creations, is transformational. We believe this pursuit is the most valuable and honorable way to spend our time here. Even if we never reach our lofty creative goals (that’s not in our control anyway), we’ll serve as models for those who will.

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Shawn Coyne

SHAWN COYNE created, developed, and expanded the story analysis and problem-solving methodology The Story Grid throughout his quarter-century-plus book publishing career. A seasoned story editor, book publisher and ghostwriter, Coyne has also co-authored The Ones Who Hit the Hardest: The Steelers, The Cowboys, the '70s and the Fight For America's Soul with Chad Millman and Cognitive Dominance: A Brain Surgeon's Quest to Out-Think Fear with Mark McLaughlin, M.D. With his friend and editorial client Steven Pressfield, Coyne runs Black Irish Entertainment LLC, publisher of the cult classic book The War of Art. With his friend and editorial client Tim Grahl, Coyne oversees the Story Grid Universe, LLC, which includes Story Grid University and Story Grid Publishing.