The Threshing by Tim Grahl: A Story Grid Contenders Analysis Guide
Written by Shawn Coyne and Tim Grahl

What if you could look inside a novel and see exactly how it works, like a doctor analyzing an x-ray or MRI scan?

In The Story Grid Contenders Analysis Guide to The Threshing Tim Grahl and Shawn Coyne look deep into the heart of Grahl’s dystopian action novel set in a grim future where people compete in a virtual world to survive in the real one.

What essential actions lie beneath the moves the characters make?

How does each scene propel the story forward?

Coyne opens the Guide by analyzing the structure of the Action Story, the first and most primal fiction genre. Why have humans shared heroic tales that pivot on life-or-death choices ever since we began gathering around campfires? Why do Action stories persist at the top of bestseller lists? Because they speak to our desire to experience heart-stopping fear and excitement and learn hard lessons vicariously. Coyne’s analysis provides the framework you need to satisfy those desires in readers.

Then Grahl takes you into his process of crafting a story that works by dissecting the structure of each scene, from inciting incident to crisis to resolution. You’ll see the critical choices he made to deepen his characters’ dilemmas and surprise readers again and again.

There is simply no better way to learn the craft of storytelling than to study a novel scene by scene.

This Story Grid Contenders Analysis Guide is a valuable tool for any writer or editor interested in the art and science of storytelling. By showing you the inner workings of this contemporary action story at the macro and micro levels, Coyne and Grahl give you the tools to analyze your own work, diagnose and solve problems, and level up your craft.

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Shawn Coyne

SHAWN COYNE created, developed, and expanded the story analysis and problem-solving methodology The Story Grid throughout his quarter-century-plus book publishing career. A seasoned story editor, book publisher and ghostwriter, Coyne has also co-authored The Ones Who Hit the Hardest: The Steelers, The Cowboys, the '70s and the Fight For America's Soul with Chad Millman and Cognitive Dominance: A Brain Surgeon's Quest to Out-Think Fear with Mark McLaughlin, M.D. With his friend and editorial client Steven Pressfield, Coyne runs Black Irish Entertainment LLC, publisher of the cult classic book The War of Art. With his friend and editorial client Tim Grahl, Coyne oversees the Story Grid Universe, LLC, which includes Story Grid University and Story Grid Publishing.

Tim Grahl

Tim Grahl is the author of the fiction work The Threshing and the nonfiction works Running Down a Dream and Your First 1000 Copies. For over a decade he has worked with top authors and creatives including Daniel H. Pink, Barbara Corcoran, Hugh MacLeod, Hugh Howey, Chip and Dan Heath, and many more. He has run the campaigns to launch dozens of bestselling books and built and sold two companies. He works with his friend and editor Shawn Coyne at Story Grid Universe where they help writers tell better stories.